Osprey Dive Bombs Deep Underwater To Pull Gafftopsail Catfish Out Of Ocean

Osprey dive bombs
Mark Smith Photography

Eyes like a sea hawk.

I’m sure it won’t matter all that much that I changed up that phrase to better fit this incredible footage. Eyes like a hawk, eyes like an osprey, not much of a difference there, right?

This sea hawk was doing some fishing just off the coast, and at one point locked its sights on a Gafftopsail catfish that swimming underneath the waves of the ocean.

The osprey crashes down into the water and disappears for almost 10 seconds, finally resurfacing with a sizable catfish in tow. In fact, the fish was so large that the predatory bird took a moment to get its wings flapping fast enough to hoist it into the air.

After one failed attempt to achieve liftoff, the osprey recalculated and regrouped, then finally used the momentum of a rising wave to help get the fish and itself flying through the sky.

The big bird eventually got the fish out of the water, but could only manage to stay in flight a couple of feet above the sea. It was likely trying to avoid the coastal wind as well, though there is no doubt that the osprey had “bitten off more than it could chew” with its fresh catch.

Take a look:

That sea hawk was eating good that night. There’s no question about it.

It first had to get to a place where it could set up and chow down, and I’m sure it was able to at some point. We didn’t get to see where the osprey and the catfish ended up, but we did get to see the majestic catch in all of its glory.

Those that viewed it on social media were very impressed by the sea hawk’s fishing ability:

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A beer bottle on a dock