11-Year-Old Hunter Downs Two Deer With One Shot

Girl hits two deer at once
Andy Crowley

Atta girl. If you’ve had a rough deer season… you’re not gonna want to read this…

According to WCCO, an 11-year-old Minnesota girl shot two deer with one shot while hunting with her father in Lyon County a couple years back. And here’s the kicker… it was only her second time hunting. Her father Andy described the scene:

“She spotted a buck in the trees coming down the path.”

With a .20 gauge shotgun in hand, one she had never fired before, young Skyla took aim at the buck who was coming her way, and then came to a standstill about 30 yards from their blind. And little did she know, a doe was right behind the target buck.

“I waited and finally the buck stood straight and I took a shot at him. The buck fell over and the doe behind it fell over too.”

Her dad had a doe tag he could slap on the downed deer, but it was absolutely the surprise of a lifetime for the proud dad:

“I stared at them for two minutes and I can’t believe that happened. I’d never heard of it. It’s possible it’s happened before.”

How about it? Only her second time hunting and she bags two deer with a single shot. I mean, how many hunters drag their butt out to the tree stand every morning, nearly freeze to death and don’t see a single living thing? A LOT of them, that’s how many. Dad should probably think about taking her to the casino, throw a little on black? Maybe have her pick a few numbers for the lottery… strike while the iron is hot, you know?

Of course, for young Skyla, she was able to form a core memory so early in her hunting experience, and I can guarantee you that she’ll be hooked for life. Imagine if she sits out there with her dad and doesn’t see a deer? Maybe she wants to get back in the blind next year, maybe she doesn’t… but the ol’ two-fer will guarantee it.

Gotta love it.

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