Wendy’s To Introduce Absurd “Surge Pricing,” Where Cost Of Burgers Varies Based On Demand

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We used to be a country. A proper country.

Fast food prices have already become astronomically high for what consumers our getting in their greasy paper bags. The days of walking into a McDonald’s or Burger King and taking advantage of the dollar menu are long gone.

Nowadays, you are lucky to get a fulfilling fast food meal (that might be an oxymoron) for under $10 a person. But if you thought it was already getting out of hand, just wait until you hear about what Wendy’s is implementing with their menu prices.

The fast food chain – famous for square burger patties and frosties – is rolling out a new menu feature that is referred to as “surge pricing.” If you’ve used ride share services like Uber, or bought airline tickets, you are likely familiar with the concept.

Basically, the product or service that a company is providing can change its price based upon busy times and demand. So with Wendy’s, a Baconator around lunchtime might cost more than it would if you stopped by the fast food location during non-peak hours.

A spokesperson from Wendy’s explained why they are choosing to roll out “surge pricing” next year in a statement to ABC News:

“The decision will help Wendy’s to be competitive and flexible with pricing, motivate customers to visit, and provide them with the food they love at a great value.”

That’s weird… they must have misspoke when they provided that quote. I think what Wendy’s meant to say was this:

“The decision will help Wendy’s price gouge their customers, stuff our fat, greedy pockets with even more cash and effectively tell customers that want a mediocre burger for lunch that they can shove their complaints where the sun don’t shine.” 

Just an absolute travesty.

A burger should cost what a burger costs, and the time of day that you get the burger shouldn’t affect the price. What Wendy’s is doing almost seems un-American, and I hope that fast food consumer band together when the time comes to make Wendy’s change their mind.

I can already see the headline now:

“Baconator Boycott Bullies Burger Chain Into Backing Off From Surge Pricing Buffoonery” 

If they don’t change their mind, some of the online commentary on the pricing decision could unfortunately (yet hilariously) come true:

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