Rare Wolverine Seen Running Through Small Oregon Town


West of the Cascade mountains, high in the Pacific northwest, lives a creature so rarely seen that those who dare to claim a sighting are met with scoffs rather than curiosity.

There are stories told of this creatures abilities, of how it lives, where it hides. Most people have a buddy, or an uncle, or a friend of a friend who claim to have an encounter with one, but rarely is there anything more than a hunting tale and a plea for trust behind it.

No, it’s not a sasquatch; it’s a wolverine.

These bear-like weasels only weigh up to 40 and measure less than 4 feet long if you include their tail, but no one can deny the violence they are capable of inflicting upon any creature who crosses their path.

No matter if it’s wolves, mountain lions, or bears, it seems wolverines always come out on top, which means residents of Barlow, Oregon should be on high alert.

The Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife have confirmed a wolverine sighting in the town of 135 people that local resident Brandon Oswald caught on video just the other day.

Speaking to KPTV, he said:

“At first I thought it was a dog, and then I saw how it was running and I thought that’s not a dog, and I honestly didn’t know what it was. The way that it ran was pretty different than anything I’ve seen, it was almost running like you see a bear would run. 

I’m glad I filmed it, because I definitely have never seen a wolverine before.”

Very few people have seen a wolverine before, especially in the continental US where only 40 to 300 live, according to the National Wildlife Foundation. While there’s a small, but known, population of them living in eastern Oregon, this is the first time in 30 years one has been spotted outside of the Wallowa mountains.

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People of Barlow, keep your pets close by. If you thought black bears are a problem, you don’t want to see your corgi tangle with a woods devil.

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