Wyoming Grizzly Bear Tries To Chase Down Three Big Moose

Bear chases down three moose

Despite the moose probably have a weight advantage,  nobody wants any part of a grizzly bear.

Grizzly bears are absolute killers of an animal. They are massive, have a nose that can track stuff down miles away, and bite force that nothing ever wants to encounter. Especially a moose. That’s a creature well versed in the power of a grizzly. Yearly, grizzlies target the young of moose, making it a known fact that they are nothing to mess with.

These moose were on edge as soon as they saw the grizz.

The nice sized bull was the first to say “I’m out” as he takes off running after locking eyes with the beast. The grizzly then picks up its speed. The two cows quickly realize what’s happening and follow suit.

This grizz was willing and able to try and take down a mature moose… that says enough about the strength of these animals.

The moose made away fine, but this is crazy. Even an animal as large as a moose has to be on edge out there worried about a single predator.

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