Wolverine Chases Black Bear Up A Tree In Wild Vintage Video

Wolverine bear
The Wild Channel

That’s a wild one…

The wolverine just ain’t care. Anything that gets in its way or on its nerves better be ready.

Black bears are one of the most recognizable animals in North America. They are smart creatures that will do just about anything for food, from dumpster diving to getting caught in vehicles. Given they love to eat, they can get pretty big, weighing up to 600 pounds. Black bears will eat anything, including animals and are no stranger to fights or taking things out.

Wolverines are one of the most fierce animals in the world and probably the number one pound-for-pound scraper out there, weighing in at 55 pounds but taking on animals far larger. These beasts are known to take on anything in their path and far more often than not, they come out on top. They are aggressive and often look for a fight and battle when other animals aren’t.

Black bears and wolverines are both known to be territorial, and this is where most of their interactions come from in the wild. Despite being able and no stranger to hunting or fighting, black bears are surprisingly non-confrontational.

These encounters are rarely seen as wolverines are highly elusive to begin with.

This old video shows a wolverine realizing that there is a black bear in the area. The wolverine does not shy away and runs right to the tree that the bear is in. It climbs up and checks out there, who follows the wolverine right down.

The small wolverine charges at the bear trying to intimidate him. But, the bear stands up trying to show its size. That doesn’t scare the wolverine and the pair go face-to-face as the wolverine tries to push him off. The bear slaps the wolverine in the face but ultimately doesn’t want the fight and moves on with his day getting out there.

What an encounter. This is a once-in-a-lifetime video.

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