Wolverine Runs Straight At A Mountain Lion In Vintage Wildlife Fight Video

Sylvanic Bigfoot

Wolverines don’t mess around.

These beasts will go at anything, I mean anything. An animal that is willing to scrap a mountain lion is either crazy or incredibly dangerous, I would say wolverines are both.

Wolverines weigh in at 55 pounds but have far more fight than they do size. These beasts are known to take on anything in their path and do it well. They are one of the most aggressive animals in the world. They have sharp claws, a powerful bite and are incredibly fast. But, their strong will and determination is what makes them highly dangerous to any animal that crosses them.

Mountain lions are similar in the fact they are stealthy predators known to takeout large animals with ease. They weigh up to 220 pounds and are known for their elusiveness.

Wolverines and mountain lions rarely encounter each other as they just simply try to avoid and often have different territories. If they were in the same area, lions would likely avoid them as they don’t like unnecessary fights. Wolverines would move in on them looking to see who’s in their territory.

That makes this a very rare video.

The short clip shows a wolverine running straight at a mountain lion. The wolverine is much smaller but does not shy away.

The two go right at it with a series of swipes, bites and screeches. They roll around and sound like a horror movie.

This is what happens when natures most violent animals meet each other…

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