Wolf Runs At Full Speed With Calf In Its Mouth, Jumps Fences With Ease

Wolf carrying calf
Leo Vinci

What an athletic animal. Wolves are the largest members of the dog family and can grow up to six feet in length, nose to tail. They can weigh up to 175 pounds, depending on their subspecies and location.

Wolves are carnivores and mainly hunt large ungulates like elk, deer, moose and bison. They are opportunistic hunters and will also eat smaller animals such as beavers, rabbits and rodents.

Wolves are social animals and typically hunt in packs. Sometimes, they will hunt alone if the opportunity presents itself. A lone wolf has a harder time hunting large prey animals, which typically require the strength and coordination of a pack to take down.

Wolves are notorious for their ability to hunt sheep and other livestock, and this behavior has caused conflicts between wolves and farmers for centuries. Wolves will typically attack sheep when other prey animals are scarce or when the opportunity presents itself.

This wolf is seen running full speed through a field beside a road carrying a calf in its mouth. The wolf cuts and jumps clean over a fence with the baby cow still in its mouth, not missing a step.

It cuts in front of the vehicle, takes a leap and ends up clearing the fence on the other side. It takes of into the distance with a fresh meal to go.

These animals don’t mess around when it comes to food.

Joe Rogan was loving it:

Lone Wolf Chases Down Herd Of Bighorn Sheep

Nature can be one cruel beast.

Beautiful but cruel. Something like this is spectacular, rare and violent all in one.

A family was driving down the road in Alberta, Canada, near Banff National Park, when they came across a pack of bighorns running on the road with a wolf chasing behind them.

Grey wolves are an apex predator that can run in bursts up to 35 miles an hour. A bighorn can only get up to 20 miles an hour. Yes, they never really stood a chance and that game of chase.

Slowly but surely that wolf gains inch after inch of ground on them. The sheep at the end of the line could feel the wolf coming and cuts off to try and get away. The wolf follows and quickly takes it down for the count.

The mother in the car casually tells her kids what’s happening.

“He’s going in for the kill, guys.”

She ain’t wrong…

Well, I guess everyone needs to learn its nature at some point.

This is pretty crazy footage and something that is so rare to see especially on a road.

The wolf takes a second to catch its breath then hooks onto the sheep like its light work and drags up to the tree line. It stops for a quick bite then keeps on pulling it into the woods.

And just think… these are basically dogs.

Bison Gores Elk, Lone Wolf Feasts On The Carcass

Man, does National Geographic capture some cool footage or what?

When you see a video of an elk being taken out, it’s safe to assume it was a grizzly bear or pack of wolves that got to it, but in a crazy video we see you can’t trust any species in the wild.

Because the predator isn’t always who you’d think…

The video begins with a lone wolf chasing an elk through a grassland in Yellowstone National Park. It got close and was able to get a weak bite on the elk’s backside, but it escaped into a herd of nearby bison.

Prey animals have been known to join larger herds to escape attacks, like this mule deer getting away from a coyote, but what happened this time was completely out of the blue…

One of the bison decided he didn’t like the elk hanging around in their ranks, maybe wary of the wolf’s attention it was bringing and decided to take bold action against this unwelcomed guest to keep himself and the others safe.

The bison charged the unexpecting elk, catching it clean on the side, even lifting it into the air. The elk was stunned but was stuck in quite a predicament. If he left the herd he’d be taken out by the wolf. But if he stayed, he’d be attacked by an angry bison.

A rock and a hard place if I’ve ever seen one.

The elk decided to roll the dice with the bison, but unfortunately, luck wasn’t on his side.

It attacked a second time with a vengeance, this time driving the elk to the ground and goring it multiple times in a fatal blow.

As the herd moved on, the wolf patiently waited, eventually moving in and feasting on the fresh carcass in probably the easiest meal it would ever get.

Nature never fails to show you how brutal it can be…

Woman Falls And Plays Dead To Escape Charging Bison

It’s open season on idiots at Yellowstone these days.

We saw a 9-year-old girl get air mailed (she was fine though) after her parents got too close (way to go dad), and even more recently, we saw an elderly lady get gored at Yellowstone after she tried to pet a bison, yes PET A BISON. It should go without saying, but don’t try and put a bison people…

Anyways… now we have another lady who barely escaped, in fact… tripping over her own feet might’ve saved her life.

A unnamed woman was recently touring Yellowstone National Park and found herself running for her life when she got too close to a charging bison. She tripped, fell flat on her face, and then played dead. The charging bison pumped the brakes right before running her clean over.

According to KBZK, the woman was a “Montana local” and knew that she should “play dead,” but I have to ask… if you know to “play dead” when a bison tries to smash you like a bug, then how come you don’t know to stay the hell away from them?

Like, ya know?

I mean, here’s the bison warning from Yellowstone right now…

Basically, keep your distance from moose, stay WAY the hell away from bears, and Bison? Don’t even think about it…

And yet somehow, we have a new story every day with some bozo wandering right up to the herd to get a pic for the ‘Gram.

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