Boston Celtics Fans Brawl In The Nosebleed Section While Miami Heat Fan Provides Hilarious Commentary

Boston Celtics fight

As if their team putting a beatdown on the Miami Heat wasn’t enough, apparently some Boston Celtics fans decided to throw down against each other in the stands during Game 3 of the NBA Playoffs.

The action came yesterday as the Celtics took down Miami 104-84 to take a 2-1 lead in the series. But instead of fighting with Heat fans, some Celtics fans in the nosebleeds ended up getting into a fight themselves – all while a guy in a Marquette jersey narrated.

A guy in a Jayson Tatum jersey starts throwing haymakers at the Celtics fan beside him, and pretty soon the two find end up falling into the row in front of them before security can even get there to break it up.

All the while, the guy in the Marquette jersey, who I assume is a Heat fan based on his commentary, is giving his thoughts on the action:

“Their own team’s in shambles, man. That’s why Heat in 6.”

Of course that seems to be a throwback to another viral fight video from a couple years ago, when a guy who was in the middle of a brawl famously proclaimed “Suns in 4” after delivering a beatdown of two Nuggets fans who threw beer on him during a playoff game.

It turns out that guy was right, and the Suns did end up taking out the Nuggets in 4 games en route to the NBA Finals (where they ended up losing to the Los Angeles Lakers), so maybe this guy’s able to recreate the magic and get the Heat past the Celtics.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock