Utah Snowboarder Threatened With A Gun For Taking A Shortcut Through Private Property: “There’ll Be Holes In You”


What do you do when you get told to hit the road while you are hitting the slopes?

This snowboarder wishes that’s all he was told after he ran into a Utah man who apparently wasn’t happy that people were using a path carved out in the snow through his property.

You can tell that the man wasn’t in a good mood by the way he yelled at the snowboarder, threatening him and telling him he was on private property.

Am I missing something else that the Utah private property enthusiast was doing? Oh yes, that’s right, he had a gun and told the snowboarder multiple times that he’d shoot him.

The snowboarder was incredibly apologetic the entire time, saying it wouldn’t happen again and informing the gun-wielding man that he didn’t see any signs that said “Private Property.”

But the man, who had set up a lawn chair on the path to wait for people, wasn’t accepting the flurry of apologies, and instead clapped back with this:

“If you do it again, there’ll be holes in you.”

And that right there is what those in the law field called “intent.” The snowboarder assured the man that he wouldn’t be doing it again, took the snowboard off his feet in record time, and walked away as fast as possible.

His camera was rolling the entire time, and still was recording as he walked away and said this in complete shock:

“Woah, that’s a good ender. Shotgun pointed right at me. Helmet ain’t going to save me from a shotgun.”

Wasn’t a shotgun, but point stands…

As the snowboarder kept moving down the path, he ran into some other people that were shredding the powder that day who also came across the man in the woods with the rifle.

Luckily for them, the worst thing they had to do was console one another about what they just experienced. You can take a look at the wild video below:

Holy smokes.

Someone get the name of that snowboarding and ski resort so I can make sure I never make a trip out there. Winter sports are hard enough without someone waiting in the woods ready to bust a cap in your you-know-what…

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