Nashville Construction Workers Take A Break To Brawl It Out

Construction worker fight

Work can get monotonous sometimes, and a good way to shake things up is to have a good, old fashioned “wrassling” match.

That’s what these constructions workers in Nashville decided to do, while they’re two work friends stood aside to act as referees. In reality, the two other guys were really just holding the wrestling guys’ helmets as they took care of whatever it was they were taking care of.

In my opinion, this type of behavior should be normalized in the workplace (as long as its compliant to HR, of course). Letting co-workers settle things with a good tussle should be happening in work settings all across the world.

You know where it already does exist? Hockey. The NHL is famous for letting competitors drop their gloves and throw a couple of punches and knock a few teeth out from time to time, and everything always works out in the end.

Obviously, you wouldn’t want it to go that far in the regular workplace. But I’d like to see some studies behind getting out some aggression out at work and the benefits it could have on a company’s bottom line.

The only grey area with this kind of stuff is worker’s compensation claims. There would have to be some sort of contract signed before hand that simultaneously allowed for “at-work-wrassling” and prohibited employees from claiming worker’s comp if they were injured during it.

These construction workers weren’t too worried about all of that though. They just decided to go for it, and shortly after the video concluded, the two guys were handed back their hard hats (could have used those in the battle) and proceeded to high five one another.

Considering that the vibes seemed to be high afterwards, and their co-workers didn’t look all that concerned while the wrestling ensued, the brawl seemed to be all in good fun.

It must have just been a classic challenge of “I bet I could pin you,” followed by the expected response of “let’s see it.” And then they definitely saw it.

All in all, it was just some guys being dudes as they passed some time during their state law required break time. What better way to spend your rest period than to practice some WWE wrestling moves?

Take a look:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock