Cam Newton Dominates Massive Brawl Against A 7-On-7 Football Team

Cam Newton fight

Of all the prominent public figures on planet Earth, Cam Newton is near the bottom of the list among those I’d want to pick a fight with. Some fellas who took themselves way too seriously in a 7-on-7 football league thought they could jump the former national champion, Heisman Trophy winner and NFL MVP quarterback who went No. 1 overall in the draft thanks in large part to his physical gifts.

What transpired from there is about what you’d expect when such flimsy, totally stoppable forces meet an immovable, rocked-up, elite athlete like Newton.

Newton partnered with Overtime to launch this 7-on-7 league in 2022. Looks like he has some ingrates who don’t appreciate the opportunity he’s helped facilitate. The “TSP” in question appears to be the “TopShelf Performance” 7-on-7 team. They’re the culprits who got into the scuffle with Newton, per the account holder who posted this video in the first place.

Most of the maneuvers seen here from Newton are evasive ones to break up the fight. But like, he straight up tosses that first dude out of the club. Perhaps the most impressive part of this footage is how Newton didn’t bother to remove his hat. He was able to get all these sh*theads in line without so much as losing his cap. Just think how brutal it could’ve been if Newton really wanted to get serious on these clowns and let his long locks down. That crew might not live to tell the tale.

If you come at Cam, you best not miss. Whether it be a physical or verbal assault, he will clap back.

Having covered a fair share of sports-adjacent fist fights between, say, opposing fans at sporting events, this one involving Cam Newton is among the most random. Totally out of left field. Other than making waves with his comments about which QBs are game managers, or by saying Brock Purdy was only the 10th-best player on this year’s San Francisco 49ers, he’s been laying pretty low by his standards. It would appear Newton’s career as a starting quarterback is over; he hasn’t played since his brief return to the Carolina Panthers in 2021.

Honestly, not just saying this to be cheeky, but Newton could be a dominant MMA fighter. Not sure if he has some of that mixed into his workout routines as is. Based on this footage, you can see the raw potential there if he wanted to pursue that avenue post-football. There just aren’t that many humans walking among us with the raw athleticism and minimal body fat Cam sports at about 6-foot-5, 250 pounds.

This could’ve gotten a lot uglier if Newton didn’t keep his cool relatively well amid the chaos. Got to commend him for that. Have a feeling that’ll be the last anyone ever sees of the TopShelf Performance team, who put up a very poor fight in a showdown they shouldn’t have sought out in the first place.

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