Cam Newton Puts Fan In a Body Bag With Viral Comeback To “We Have The Same Number Of Rings” Trash Talk

Cam Newton

Oh, to be a former NFL star (or really any professional athlete) and be able to end any sort of fight or argument with “I have more money than you.”

Former Heisman winning quarterback and longtime goal-line guarantee Cam Newton was interacting with some fans at what looks to be a football camp when things got a little dicey. A group of younger spectators were allegedly giving Newton a hard time from the sidelines, and Cam eventually made his way over to them to face the music.

Cam Newton was without a doubt one of the best NFL quarterbacks in the league at the height of his prime, but struggled when his body began to break down after all of the hits and tackles he had taken as a rushing QB over the years.

The closest he ever got to winning a Super Bowl was in 2015, when the Carolina Panthers started the season 14-0, eventually losing in Week 16 of the season before entering into the playoffs.

It looked as though they were destined to take home the Lombardi, waltzing through the playoffs to the “big game.” However, they shockingly lost to the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl and finished the season with a record of 17 wins and 2 losses.

So obviously, the one thing that people can still give Cam Newton crap about is that he never “went all the way” and won a Super Bowl in the NFL. That’s exactly the strategy that the group of obnoxious young fans were taking when they yelled from the sidelines:

“How many rings you got? We got the same amount?”

Cam Newton, who has a very strange, upbeat energy about him, smiled and responded to the hecklers by saying:

“None, none!”

The young spectators then leaned into the next step of the “no-rings-sports-argument-cliche,” saying:

“We’ve got the same amount.”

The former Carolina Panther (and New England Patriot if you remember that one weird year) really got fired up after hearing that, and went to the oldest comeback in the book for athletes looking to talk down to others: mentioning how much more cash they have.

Newton emphatically stated:

“Nope, but we don’t got the same bank account!”

Newton then hypes up his own comeback, yelling “oh” and holding his hand down near his crotch and gesturing…well… you’ll see what he’s gesturing. Apparently the fans there didn’t like the rebuttal from Newton, firing back:

“You’re too famous to be acting like that.”

And that might be true, but the famous football player wasn’t the one who started the conservation, was he? Newton then called the person who said that out (rightfully in my opinion), saying:

“No, no, no, don’t play the victim now.”

The video is now going viral, and it will be pretty obvious why once you hit play. Take a look:

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