Alligator Makes A Run At Florida Golfers Driving By In Golf Cart

alligator runs at golf cart

Only in Florida…

When you play golf anywhere else, there are a number of obstacles and hinderances that you players try to avoid. You want to avoid the deep rough areas, the water hazards and sand traps. Those are all obvious.

But when you tee it up in the state of Florida, you have to be on the lookout for another hazard out on the golf course: Angry alligators charging right at you.

To quote the legendary golfer Shooter McGavin, “how am I supposed to chip with that going on?” Golf is already hard enough, and adding aggressive gators into the mix doesn’t make it any easier.

If you are in Florida, you just have to be prepared for alligator encounters out on the golf course. You also have to be ready to press the pedal to the metal in your golf cart if one runs at you like this.

Take a look:

Man, that was a close one.

I don’t know what’s more shocking in that clip. The fact that the gator came within inches of taking a chomp out of a golfer’s leg, or the noises that the person filming emitted?

Those in the replies below the post were quick to point out that the person recording sounded like a “chicken” as she watched the gator chase down this golf cart like a dog chases the mailman.

That wasn’t the only thing that they were saying in the comments:

R.I.P. Chubbs.

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