Black Bear Goes Dumpster Diving In Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Black bear pops into dumpster
Robyn Preston/WSMV

A black bear has got to do what a black bear has to do. That means that if a dumpster dive is in the cards, the bear is going to jump right in like it’s half-off buffet night at the Golden Corral.

Bears are notorious for finding food wherever any crumb is left available. That’s why most trash receptacles in “bear country” are “bear-proofed,” and also why we’ve seen these bumbling creatures literally walk off with entire garbage cans (and even dumpsters).

This black bear in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, must have smelled something good in this dumpster, because though it was a tight squeeze to get in, the bruin wasn’t taking “you’re too big to fit” for an answer.

In the footage, which was sent to WSMV TV by Robyn Preston (shoutout to you Robyn), the stout black bear first climbs up on top of the dumpster, then does an impressive balancing act on the edge of the trash bin.

Once it figures out its plan of attack (which is just to sit its big butt down in the opening of the dumpster), the bear settles in and begins to let gravity take its course.

It ends up being a tight squeeze, and a touch awkward, but the black bear eventually makes its way down into the dumpster. All in all, the clip acts as both a hilarious video and a reminder to secure your trash when there are bears in the area.

Take a look:

Instagram users that stumbled upon the dumpster-diving bear fell in love with the mischievous bear, and left their supportive commentary in the comment selection below the post:

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way. The bear is thinking to himself/herself…if I fits, I sits.”

“He ain’t doing nothing wrong. Bro just needed a snack.”

“It’s cute unless you didn’t see it get in there and went to throw the trash away.”

“He’s a chonk.”

“This dude weighs 400 pounds and has better balance than me! There’s no way I could stand on the edge of a dumpster.”

That’s actually a really good point…

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