Bull Elk Clash Antlers Near Homes In Estes Park, Colorado

Elk battle rut

Only makes sense that elk would clash in the “Elk Capital of the World.”

It’s estimated that over 280,000 elk live in Colorado, which is enough to give the state the honor of housing the largest concentrated population of elk in the world. Believe it or not, that many elk bring in tourists from all over the planet, and one of the more popular places they visit is Estes Park, Colorado.

The town acts as somewhat of a base for the Rocky Mountain National Park, and always has elk moving through and around the city limits. Herds occasionally take over Estes Park, and the humans that call the town home are often witnesses to elk-on-elk encounters.

Which brings us to this clip featuring two massive bull elk picking a fight with one another right in the middle of town. A herd of female (cow) elk are moving by some nearby buildings and housing, and they likely have something to do with the battle between the two males.

Strangely, this antler clashing is outside of the regular elk rut season. It’s normal for bull elk to be more aggressive and vocal from September to November, and they do all of that to establish dominance in hopes of securing a female mate.

This video appears to have been recorded in the past couple of days. Though they could still be fighting over the females running by, this could be more of a territorial tussle. Regardless of what they are battling for or over, the two elk in this video really go after one another.

One of the bulls appears to be bluffing at first, though the other calls its bluff and runs full speed with its head down and antlers up. The other elk has no choice but to play defense with its own rack, and the sound the antlers make when they rattle together is almost deafening.

The elk only clash violently once, because then the attention turns back to the female elk running by. Maybe they are showing off in front of the cows after all? You can be the judge:

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