“Sometimes People Need Breaks” – Zach Bryan Clears The Air On His Time Away From Social Media

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Zach Bryan

There is more to the world than what happens on our phone screens.

Zach Bryan is no stranger to social media breaks, often deactivating his Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok accounts. But this time, there were many speculations as to why he stepped away from social media. At the start of the Quittin’ Time Tour, ZB deactivated his accounts, and it appeared that he was just trying to live in the moment.

Since returning to social media, ZB has shared some new songs and even given fans a post stating that a new album was coming soon.

“New album, soon.”

However, some folks were wondering further why he chose to step away from sharing his hilarious behind-the-scenes bits from this eclectic tour. He was not going to let others dictate his narrative, taking to social media to explain why he needed the break.

“For the record, I don’t delete socials because of people being rude, that’s a given where I’m at.

I delete them because I think sometimes people need breaks from exerting energy into these things to put it into other things, like albums and family time and all that boring stuff.”

Plain and simple. And hey, we have another mention of an album. I have had “28” on repeat since he posted it to YouTube and debuted it at a recent show, so I’d personally love an album sooner rather than later, so blare that one.

I honestly wish that our joke about The Great American Bar Scene would come true right about now. Even though it was an April Fools joke, it would make for a phenomenal album.

Honestly, I can’t blame ZB for taking a break. We all do it sometimes, and it is never looked at under a microscope, so can’t he do the same? It seems like he has his priorities in line and knows the importance of being surrounded by those you love rather than focusing on what is going on online.

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