“Hot Dogs Saved My Life” – Nebraska Man Was At Gas Station Getting Hot Dogs When Tornado Leveled His Home

Hot dogs saved my life

Everything happens for a reason.

There’s always an eerie story about someone’s close call, and how they would have had a brush with death if they wouldn’t have stopped for coffee, or if they wouldn’t have left their wallet at home. And here we have another example from this past weekend when a violent supercell moved through Nebraska.

Storm surveys have shown that an EF-3 tornado moved across the southern part of the state during the night, which is often the most dangerous time for storms to hit. The violent storm was fatal, claiming the life of five people, and it could have possibly claimed the life of another if it weren’t for a divine, hot dog intervention.

Jason Lengemann, a resident of Omaha, Nebraska, unfortunately had his home leveled by the strong tornado. Though that’s a tremendous loss, it likely could have been much worse if Lengemann was there at his home when the storm rolled through.

Fortunately, the Nebraska resident was out and about when the tornado hit his neighborhood. He was on an important mission: Getting gas station hot dogs. For all those people that say hot dogs aren’t good for you, try arguing that with this guy who literally had his life saved by a gas station glizzy, as he told the news:

“I was at the gas station getting hot dogs, and it saved my life. Hot dogs saved my life.”

Hot dogs save lives. Plain and simple.

Obviously the situation in Nebraska is still very somber as recovery efforts ensue, but at least there’s one positive story from the terrible tragedy. And let this be a lesson… go get that gas station hotdog, it could save your life.

Social media was a big fan of this Nebraska man and supported him in the replies of the post:

Oscar Mayer might not step in to make him a millionaire, but there has been a GoFundMe set up for Lengemann and his family, which can be accessed here.

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