Black Bear Steals Entire Dumpster From Colorado Dispensary

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Bears have always been know to track down food in garbage cans, but something tells me that there was something other than food in this dumpster.

Security camera footage caught this black bear breaking through a fence and rolling off with an entire dumpster that was behind a marijuana dispensary in Colorado. If this animal didn’t already have the munchies, this bruin probably experienced it shortly after it got into this bin of trash.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a black bear utilize its skillset to pull off a garbage heist. A bruin in Connecticut was also caught on camera stealing a garbage receptacle, even getting up on its hind legs to carry it away.

The bear in this video also stood up on its hind legs to walk the dumpster away from the marijuana dispensary, shortly after it comically busted open the gate to where the garbage was being kept.

After peering into the dumpster for a moment, it appears that the bruin didn’t have time to waste (garbage pun intended), so it instead decided to just take the whole damn thing and figure out the rest later.

You’ve got to give the bear some credit here too. It looks like the gate was just wide enough to fit the dumpster through it, and the bruin carefully and perfectly dragged it right through the opening.

All in all, the dumpster stealing bear was quite impressive, and the video of it getting caught red-handed is priceless. Take a look:

Pretty much everyone that watched the clip was rooting for the bear, and was happy that it ended up getting away with the massive haul (and probably some marijuana).

Social media users were making all of the jokes that they could about the “Cannabis Bear” in the reply section below the footage:

That might be one of the best used memes I’ve ever seen.

Smokey the Bear smoking on the devil’s lettuce? Was that made just for that comment, or did someone just randomly decide to turn a beloved National Parks mascot into a weed enthusiast?

Regardless, that reply deserves a round of applause.

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