Oh, Look! More Idiots Getting Into Fist Fights At A Sporting Event: Fan Throws A Headbutt At Rangers-Devils Game

hockey fight

Some things will never make sense. No matter how many cautionary tales are told, or how many times fists inevitably fly over a live sports game, I will never understand it. The galaxy-brained calculus it must take for these morons to decide, “Yeah, this is definitely a good idea!” is just flat-out something I cannot relate to. Don’t care how inebriated somebody might be. What’s the upside? You might get banned from the venue you’re at for the rest of your life. And for what? I have these same feelings about streakers, such as the half-hearted pair of male fools who didn’t even strip down all the way at the Super Bowl.

The New York Rangers and New Jersey Devils have a storied history in their cross-river rivalry. If there be fighting, let it be between the hockey players who are actually paid, in part, to engage in amateur bouts on the ice, not some idiot spectators.

Alas, here we are yet again: A classic Jersey bro rocking a Jack Hughes jersey versus an older, doughy, pasty white boy with a right hook that might surprise you. It sure surprised the Jersey bro at the tail end of the tape here — but not before he got a pretty clean headbutt in!

Damn. Right on the dome! My guy was PISSED. Couldn’t handle the way the game was going, as the Rangers marched into Newark and beat the brakes off the Devils in a 5-1 rout. If I’m not mistaken, New Jersey outshot the Blueshirts 16-9 in the opening period, yet still trailed 2-0.

We have ourselves a little context for the unofficial undercard scrap between these two gents. Their spat allegedly began around the first intermission:

While on one hand I appreciate the passion sports fans show and how that brings communities of people together in a way that basically nothing else can, it’s quite the leap to go from verbally trolling fans of a rival team to engaging in hand-to-hand combat.

I mean hey, if you want to engage in a little bit of amateur pugilism in your underground knock-off fight club, or feel more empowered by training at a boxing gym, go for it. That’s dope. Neither of these dudes are like that, or so their fighting styles would suggest. Not that I’m some martial arts or sweet science guru, but if you’re going to be an imbecile who throws fists and Zinedine Zidane’s somebody in the middle of Prudential Center, it’s no problem for me to call you out for such staggering stupidity.

This could be, like, an evolutionary thing. Maybe it was once acceptable to just cold-cock somebody you disagreed with about sports, but with the rapid advancements in technology, every single person has a high-quality video camera to record such activities. Wonder if these guys baked that factor into their math before they decided to duke it out. Would assume not. Again, we’re talking about two knuckleheads here, so you never know.

What I do know for sure is, live sporting events are meant to be cherished and enjoyed. It’s a privilege to be there. Some might call it a sacred experience. Have some perspective. If you can’t keep your cool when somebody chirps you, either don’t show up, or bring a buddy who has their life together and can calm you down.

If your team is losing, and it’s a rivalry game, and there are opposing fans near you, you’re probably going to hear about it. Is this a surprise? Did the Jack Hughes jersey-wearing Jersey bro not anticipate this? Hopefully this is a wake-up call for both these man babies to channel their anger in a more productive and healthy way. Anyway, here are highlights from the actual game, as the Rangers rolled to their ninth win in a row and extended their lead in the Metropolitan Division.

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