Bobcat Sneaks Up On Fox In The Dead Of The Night

FoxyQ Retreat

It’s a bobcat-eat-fox world out there.

The food chain that we all learned about in middle school science class is as real as it gets. Out in the wild, animals have to keep their head on a swivel at all moments of the day in order to stay alive.

The fox in this video was just trying to chow down on some grub, and unfortunately didn’t realize (until it was too late) that a bobcat was trying to chow down on it.

Doesn’t that all just seem exhausting? Imagine trying to go to your favorite food place and constantly having to check over your shoulder, or trying to lay down to get a good night’s sleep, and always having to be on the lookout.

That’s what animals lower down on the food chain have to do out in the wild, and to be honest, it seems like that would be miserable. Then again, animals out in nature do have to eat in order to survive, so like The Lion King sang about, I guess it’s all just the circle of life.

For this story, a prowling bobcat acted as the “Lion King,” and was keeping tabs on a small fox that was frequenting a bowl of food that was put out by a homeowner. According to the video’s caption, the food was set out as a part of the “FoxyQ Retreat,” which is allegedly a certified wildlife refuge.

Based upon this video, it was acting more as an all-you-can-eat buffet for a bobcat that had figured out the small fox’s routine after tracking it for quite some time.

The big cat (or small cat, I guess) waited until the fox was eating at the big bowl of food to move in for the kill. Footage was captured all around the property (the hunt and all) with trail cameras, and one pointed right at the food bowl captured the terrifying moment the bobcat launched its attack on the fox.

Some very high-pitched and concerning yelps can be heard off camera, right after the bobcat caught the fox by surprise. The fox’s death could not be confirmed nor denied, though it didn’t sound all that great for the bushy tailed creature.

Trail cameras caught the bobcat continuing to walk around the area, even revisiting the big food bowl around 30 minutes after it attacked the small fox that was feeding from it.

It definitely seems as though the bobcat got the best of the fox in the attack, especially if you go by the “in memoriam” section of the video at the very end. And no, I’m not joking.

The creator of the video below added a touching tribute to the fox that may or may not have lost its life, and the lyrics of the song are sure to tug at your heartstrings…even though you only ever knew this fox for four minutes.

Check it out:

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