“Can’t Believe That Just Happened” – Fox Runs Off With Rescue Worker’s Camera

Fox steals camera

You’ve heard the phrase “curiosity killed the cat,” and I now present you with “mischievousness guided the fox.”

I could have also opened up with a “What Does the Fox Say?” joke, but part of me is concerned that is too dated of a reference now. And THAT makes me feel really old.

Enough about myself though, let’s dive into this video of a playful fox swiping a camera and staying true to the animal’s portrayal on Dora the Explorer TV series. Is alluding to Swiper from Dora the Explorer another dated reference?

Regardless, this fox was interacting with a rescue worker (from the RSPCA), and decided to be brave when confronted with a strange device sitting in front of it. The worker had dropped a camera to the ground to film the fox, and the wild animal chose to investigate.

And by investigate, I mean sniff the camera a couple of times before it picked it up and went sprinting off with it. The camera hilariously keeps rolling, so viewers get a fox’s-chin-view of how it all went down.

After picking up the small camera, the fox dashed away from the rescue worker and was at full speed for a good 15 seconds. It finally came to the conclusion that it had put enough distance between itself and the person it had just crossed paths with, so it stopped and proceeded to drop the camera.

That’s when viewers get to see the fox check if the coast is clear, and then sniff around at the camera some more, all from the perspective of the device laying on the ground of the forest.

Shortly after that, the fox gets spooked and runs away, and we find out that it’s because the rescue worker tracked the animal (and their camera) down.

As the rescue worker bends down to pick up the camera, you can hear him saying:

“Oh my God, I can’t believe that just happened.”

If he can’t believe that his camera just got temporarily stolen by a fox, it’s a good thing that he got it all on video. Check it out:

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