Gracie Hunt Under Fire For “Tone Deaf” Photos In Post About Mass Shooting At Chiefs Super Bowl Parade

Gracie Hunt Super Bowl Parade

Gracie Hunt is the daughter of Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt, and due to a social media post aboutthe mass shooting at the team’s Super Bowl victory parade, she’s getting slammed for tone-deafness and lack of sensitivity. The nature of the photos accompanying her heartfelt words are the main reason for the criticism directed at the Hunt heiress.

One woman died, and 22 others were injured in the aftermath of the shooting, including nine children. Below is Hunt’s lengthy post, along with the full message that she wrote about how quickly the celebration “turned upside down in an instant.”

“The most beautiful, perfect day of love, laughter, & celebration at the Chiefs Super Bowl parade turned upside down in an instant. I’m still processing today’s tragedy. I love this city and I’m angry at what took place and heartbroken for the victims, their families, & the KC community.

This world is broken and thank God it is not our home. I’m thankful for the hope of Heaven. Life is precious and each day is a gift. I’m grateful for a Savior whose sacrifice on the cross gives us the assurance of a perfect eternity in Heaven—with no death, no fear, no grief, and no pain. If you don’t have that—I promise you, you want it when you’re facing that moment.

Thank you to the first responders for your swift actions that saved more lives from being lost. Thank you to KCPD, Chiefs security, brave citizens, and everyone at Union Station who worked to manage the chaos and pandemonium.

Kansas City—hug those you love extra tightly tonight. We love you big this Valentine’s Day and always.”

There’s no way Hunt’s post was made with any ill intent or was done in a nefarious spirit to undermine or trivialize the tragedy that transpired. It’s just that, admittedly, the way the photos are presented in a sort of glamorous light creates a jarring tonal clash. You can understand why Hunt wanted to capture some of the positive moments from the parade, but where most folks seem to take issue is her holding the Lombardi Trophy with pride. That definitely comes across as insensitive.

Something about her words on God and Heaven in that second paragraph don’t land well here, either. I don’t think any further explanation is necessary.

Here are just some of the replies Hunt has received on her post, which still hasn’t been taken down:

There are quite a few reactions, too, that revolve around the political contributions made by the Hunts to Republican candidates, with the implication that Gracie Hunt’s words are empty since her family funds the party traditionally known for being the biggest pro-gun advocates. Didn’t seem useful to include those, since it doesn’t really have to do with Gracie herself, but it’s at least worth mentioning that it’s part of the discourse and criticism she’s getting.

I sure hope Gracie Hunt is right that Heaven or some version of that concept is waiting for all of us in an afterlife. In the meantime, perhaps those who wield legitimate power in this country can focus their efforts on making this realm a better place, where mass shootings don’t happen at Super Bowl parades — or anywhere else.

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