EA Sports Confirms New College Football Video Game Is Coming “This Summer”

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EA Sports


College football fans have waited for over a decade for the next installment of EA Sports’ College Football video game, and I can happily report to you that the wait is finally over (sort of).

You’ll still have to make do playing NCAA Football 2013 on your outdated Xbox or Playstation for a while, but only until the “summer of 2024,” when the long awaited game officially becomes available on modern day platforms.

We still don’t have an official date necessarily, though the EA Sports College Football social media page updated their bio with this message:

“Coming this summer. Full reveal in May.”

So die hard EA Sports College Football fans will seemingly get that trailer release they’ve been waiting for in May.

There were many rumors that the announcement about the beloved sports game would come during the National Championship game between Michigan and Washington, and that speculation led to…absolutely nothing at all. In fact, there were a lot of college football fans that were upset an advertisement for the new video game never aired.

Prior to the latest update, the last time we heard about the EA Sports College Football game was all the way back in February of 2021 (believe it or not).

I’m going to be honest…at one point I stopped believing. Especially after the commercial for the beloved sports video game didn’t air during the national championship game.

Like many others, I just wasn’t sure how EA Sports would be able to pull it off in the new era of college athletics, which is often referred to as the “wild, wild, west” with all of the NIL money flying around and transfer portal drama.

But I’m happy to eat my words and welcome back a video game that means so much to so many people. Just think of the hours upon hours you spent playing the old college football games in your younger days, building up smaller colleges and universities and taking them to the national championship game.

I, for one, played “Mascot Mode” almost exclusively. Nothing brought me more joy than firing up the ol’ Playstation and pitting fully dressed mascots against each other in a brutal-yet-entertaining game of virtual tackle football.

Though we don’t know if some of the fan favorite game modes will be returning just yet (Dynasty and Road to Glory will allegedly be included), we do know that one of the best sports video games is finally making its triumphant return, and that’s all that matters.

So here’s to patiently waiting until this summer (hopefully early summer) to fire up a video game that’s quite literally been a decade in the making, and here’s to all of us sweating bullets when our entire virtual college football teams enter the transfer portal. Only then will it truly be a modern day version of EA Sports College Football..

And lucky for us, the first teaser trailer just dropped:

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