Police Rush Towards Union Station After Shots Are Fired At Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Parade, Multiple Injuries Reported

Chiefs parade

Terrible news.

There is widespread panic in the streets of Kansas City as their celebratory Super Bowl parade quickly turned into the site of a shooting, according to reports.

Shortly after the Chiefs parade ended, there were allegedly shots fired near or around Union Station in Kansas City, Missouri. Union Station is where the parade route finished up, and later was the place police were running towards  as fans that were in attendance of the parade ran away.

The Kansas City Fire Department is reporting that the shooting did happen, and that it is a “fluid situation.” Multiple people were reportedly struck by gun fire, and two armed people have been detained, according to KMBC News 9.

The story is still developing, so the severity of the shooting is unknown. But the reports appear to be true, so this acts as yet another tragic example of a moment that was supposed to be filled with jubilation tarnished by gun violence. CNN is reporting that at least 10 people were injured in the shooting.

Videos coming out of the area mostly show Kansas City Chiefs fans running in a scattered fashion, with police and security personnel doing their best to handle the situation and keep everyone calm. News outlets are reporting that police have drawn weapons as they direct those that are able to evacuate the premises.

What a truly sad scene.

“Bird’s eye view” footage that was posted online shows the chaotic scene playing out, with people trying to run away from Kansas City’s Union Station and running into large crowds of people that were also trying to leave the area.

Based on this video below, it appears that the railing and other security measures that were taken to keep those that participated in the parade safe has made the evacuation efforts more challenging for fans that were in attendance.

Live reporting:

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