Seemingly Hungover Patrick Mahomes Answered A Flurry Of Questions In Front Of Disneyland Castle

Patrick Mahomes

It’s only right that the best quarterback on the planet goes to the happiest place on Earth after winning the Super Bowl.

In fact, it’s a tale as old as time. Since 1971, the Super Bowl winning quarterback finds a camera sometime after the game and shouts “I’m going to Disney World,” or “Disneyland,” depending on which theme park location they are closest to.

Like Patrick Mahomes and his family did here:

There’s a chance you didn’t know that Mahomes and all the QBs that have come before him get paid a hefty check and receive an all expenses paid trip to the Disney theme park. Most of the Super Bowl winners have ended up taking the free vacation, while others just shout the famous line and take the money.

But Patrick Mahomes decided to make the most of the opportunity, and ended up going to the Disneyland California location, which was closer to where the Super Bowl was hosted in Las Vegas.

Here he was waving to park goers as he, Mickey, and Minnie rode through the parade route on a Kansas City Chiefs float:

And as if winning a Super Bowl, partying all night afterwards, and then going to Disneyland with your family wasn’t enough, Mahomes also took some time out of his wild weekend to speak with CNN.

The now 3-time Super Bowl winning quarterback looked exhausted and/or hungover during his interview in front of the Disneyland castle, and who can really blame him?

Despite looking like a ghost of himself, Mahomes managed to get through the interview and honestly had a lot of thoughtful answers. There is nothing more tiring than spending a day at Disney with your family, and this man did that on top of being up for (likely) over 24 hours and winning an emotional, overtime Super Bowl game.

Mahomes covered everything from Kelce’s emotional outburst during the game to the “Swifties” coming together with Chiefs fans to root the team on.

It was honestly a really well navigated interview, especially if he was as hungover as he looked to be. Check it out:

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