Bobcat Goes Head To Head With Rattlesnake In Highly Technical Fight

Bobcat vs rattlesnake
Parliament of Owls

Bobcats, with their striking appearance and elusive nature, command attention as enigmatic creatures in North American ecosystems. These medium-sized wildcats, identified by their distinctive tufted ears and short, bobbed tails, navigate a variety of habitats, from dense forests to arid deserts. Renowned for their nocturnal habits and solitary lifestyles, bobcats are skilled hunters, preying on small mammals and birds and even snakes with remarkable precision.

In the realm of wildlife conservation, understanding the behavior and habits of bobcats becomes crucial because presence not only signifies the health of the environment but also highlights the delicate interdependence of species. With their primary predators being mountain lions, and perhaps wolves or coyotes, they generally have few encounters with other predators past the kitten stage of life.

But for this kitty, a venomous rattlesnake was quite the ferocious opponent. This felt like a high level boxing match. Both sides were quick. One side had the size advantage but it was matched by the other’s one-strike power. A match up for the ages, but one must prevail, and this time size was victorious.

A bobcat and a rattlesnake squared up in Angeles National Forest in Arcadia, California in just the right spot to be captured on a trail cam, and it’s one of the best displays of the insane reaction time of cats, especially wild ones.

Rattlesnakes strike at about 10 feet per second, which doesn’t seem very fast, but when you realize they can hit your hand from a foot away in a tenth of a second, you start to realize it’s scary fast…

But even more impressively, the bobcat is able to dodge every single attack thrown out by the snake and secure a win with a combination of strikes and one well placed bite. Safe to say it wasn’t the first time he’d taken out a rattlesnake, and judging by the success, it won’t be the last.

Bobcat Makes Impressive Jump To Grab Flying Bird

That is one abled bobcat…

Bobcats are really nothing more than just wild house cats. The similarities in their demeanor and actions are downright hilarious. They are a bit better at hunting than house cats but, they also don’t get fed daily by humans.

They are fierce predators who will eat anything they can get their claws and teeth into from rabbits to deer and anything in between. Using their stealth and speed to their advantage, they’re built for quick speed and jumps with very strong back legs. They can jump up to 12 feet in one leap.

This bobcat is seen in action with peak performance. The cat attacks a bird right on someone’s home door step, and naturally, the bird tries to fly away as birds do. The bobcat wasn’t letting that happen. It attacks with speed and seemingly defies gravity as it literally climbs up walls trying to get this bird.

It jumps all around and eventually gets the bird back to the ground. The bobcat snatches it up and walks away like a proud kitty.

Nature is simply amazing.

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