Bills Fans Erupts After “Next Season” Graphic Places Lombardi Trophy “Wide Right”

Buffalo Bills
Buffalo Bills

With the Super Bowl in the rearview mirror, NFL teams that didn’t hoist the Lombardi Trophy (everyone but the Kansas City Chiefs) are looking ahead to next season.

That includes the Buffalo Bills, who once again had their Super Bowl hopes extinguished in the playoffs at the hands of Mahomes and the Chiefs.

It appears that Josh Allen and the Bills are excited and ready to try and run it back, though they must have forgot that they likely have to get through Kansas City to get to the “Big Game.”

In this past year’s NFL playoffs, the Bills had a chance to at least tie the game against the Chiefs with a late game field goal. With as much time that was left on the clock, even if they would have made it, there’s a good chance Mahomes would have done his thing afterwards.

We never got to see the Chiefs go on a game winning drive, since Tyler Bass missed the tying attempt wide right:

That’s a moment that will haunt Buffalo Bills fans for a long time, but almost ironically, the social media team for the Bills seemed to forget all about it.

In their “Next year starts NOW” post after the conclusion of the Super Bowl, they photoshopped the Lombardi trophy a little to the right of the center of the Caesars Superdome (next year’s Super Bowl is in New Orleans).

It was a small detail, but it was still enough to get the attention of football fans:

If they just would have put the Lombardi trophy in the center, or maybe even left it out all together, I’m sure the post would have gone over smoothly.

But they decided to put the Super Bowl trophy a little to the right on their graphic, and social media erupted with a flood of jokes:

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