Jason Kelce’s Daughter Reacts To Seeing Her Dad On TV At Chiefs Game: “Dad’s Boobs Are Showing”

Jason Kelce
Kathryn Riley/Getty Images

Jason Kelce stole the spotlight from Taylor Swift at last night’s Kansas City Chiefs game.

With his Philadelphia Eagles out of the playoffs, Jason was at Highmark Stadium cheering on his brother, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce as they took down the Buffalo Bills.

And America’s Sweetheart had all eyes on him during the game as he was going balls to the wall, cheering for his brother’s team and jumping shirtless into the crowd to chug a beer after Travis scored a touchdown. Talk about a seamless transition from being on the field to being a number one supporter of a team that isn’t yours.. and he fills the role well.

Fans who tuned into the broadcast were not the only ones who witnessed Kelce’s shirtless beer chugging; Jason Kelce’s daughter had some thoughts on seeing their dad having fun through the TV screen.

Kylie Kelce received a text from her mother, who was with their kiddos, that his daughter, Ellie, had some savage commentary on what she saw. (Although the image on Twitter says the text is from Donna Kelce, she was seen in the suite next to her shirtless son and Taylor Swift).

“Ellie said, “Dad’s boobs are showing!”

She’s not wrong…

Once the internet saw this text, jokes began about how his little girl did not stutter with the statement after seeing her shirtless father on TV.

“Imagine seeing your dad shirtless with a beer in his hand on TV.”

“Dad is having a good time.”

“Going from Retirement to supporting your brother in the playoffs has got to be the smoothest transition of all time.”

“That’s called a vibe.”

“I can’t believe she roasted her dad like that on TV!”

“Boobs is crazy.”

“Sounds like she takes after her dad!”

“She seems like she has just as good of a personality as her father; that family is gold.”

“Peak male physique.”

With my timeline being fully consumed with this picture of Jason Kelce, I think it’s safe to save this picture as a national treasure. New Heights said it best with their caption.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock