The NFL Released Super Bowl LIX’s Logo And Fans Are Bringing Back The Colors Conspiracy

Super Bowl logo

Chiefs 3-peat confirmed?

While there were plenty of storylines throughout the 2023 NFL season, the one that really grabbed fans was the idea that the league is scripted.

After Taylor Swift attending games to watch Travis Kelce brought in untold millions of new viewers, people on the internet were quick to believe the league wanted to push them all the way into the Super Bowl to capitalize on their new found market. Some questionable calls that went in their favor certainly egged this theory on…

This all came after former NFL running back Arian Foster said on a podcast that players received a script in their lockers to start every year, which in turn lead to the NFL releasing a pretty funny commercial showing the writing room for the upcoming season.

But the theory that really got fans all worked up was the idea that the Super Bowl logo’s colors lined up with which teams would be playing in the Big Game.

Obvious, the Ravens got beat by the Chiefs who went on to win it all, so the theory was squashed, at least temporarily, but it does make you wonder if it only didn’t hold up because of the unplanned Taylor Swift bump or the fact that fans caught on to it? Maybe…

Well, the league just released the logo for next year’s Super Bowl and people were quick to notice that the colors match up with a few teams.

Not a whole lot of continuity in the picks, but one thing is pretty uniform: everyone thinks the Chiefs are the red team.

Hard to bet against that at this point, I mean they looked pretty average for most of the year and still wound up on top so there’s no way you can count them out.

As for the green teams, the Seahawks neon color seems to match the best, but given there’s a little bit of gold in the upper righthand corner, does that mean Jordan Love is taking the Pack to the Super Bowl for the first time since they beat my Steelers in 2010? Or are we in store for a rematch of last year’s Super Bowl with the Eagles overcoming their late season collapse?

The only thing we know for sure is people will believe there always someone behind the scenes tinkering with the outcome…

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