“I Miss The Love Of My Life… Football” – Tom Brady’s Response To His Own Roast Was Worthy Of GOAT Status

Tom Brady Roasted

Ladies and gentlemen… roasts are officially BACK.

The art of the roast has long been a part of comedy, but it went away for a while only to come storming back. Kind of like when Tom Brady retired, right? And ironically enough, Brady was the center of the live Netflix event “The Greatest Roast of All Time,” and it did not disappoint to say the least.

Without a doubt, it’s the most shots that Tom Brady has taken in his entire storied career. Everyone from Kevin Hart to Peyton Manning (and even his own former coach Bill Belichick) took to the podium to tell Tom how they really felt. It was surely somewhat of a rough night for Brady, though he did agree to do it, and there was still plenty of praise for the seven-time Super Bowl winning QB during the roast.

There were plenty of highlights from the night, whether it was Tom trying to shut down a massage parlor joke early on to former New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman making an unhinged joke about the late Aaron Hernandez. Nothing was off the table during the roast, and it was truly one of the better comedy events that I can remember.

And it definitely became memorable when, at the end of the night, Tom Brady got to answer to all of the roasting he had to sit and take for three hours. For those that categorize Brady as lifeless and stiff when it comes to his personality, the NFL great proved people wrong with his own roasting monologue.

He first got things started with a killer (no pun intended) joke about Patriots tight ends:

That let people know he wasn’t messing around.

Tom continued with one of his more bold jokes of the night: Poking the bear that is the “Swifty” community. Everyone knows you stay away from Taylor Swift and her fans, but Brady decided to dive right in with this joke about Swift and the Kansas City Chiefs:

Looks like Swifties have a new public enemy number one.

And in what could be the most shocking part of Brady’s roast response, he seemingly admitted to Deflategate? It was a wild moment, and it garnered a standing ovation from the Kia Forum in Los Angeles, California. Even Bill Belichick stood up when Tom went scorched Earth on the NFL:

Obviously, a lot of the jokes through the night targets Tom’s good looks (wow, how difficult that must have been), his failed crypto currency investments, and his ex-wife Gisele Bündchen. Brady pulled a fast one on everybody watching when he started out another of his jokes with this line:

“There have been a lot of jokes tonight, but I miss the love of my life…football.”

Tom still has that quick release, I see.

And before he wrapped things up, Tom even put his former head coach Bill Belichick in the crosshairs. Brady referenced a very “chronically online” meme that popped up in the past year, which was a Ring doorbell video that appeared to show Belichick doing a walk of shame:

It was a really fun night, and Tom Brady handled it with a lot of class… and a lot of nervous laughter. But when it came time for him to answer to everyone else, he did what Tom Brady does and proved that he’s one of the best. His double bird exit off the stage paired with a parting shot to all of the haters was pretty tasteful as well:

“F**k them all, baby.”

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