The Internet Is Roasting A Man For Pulling Engagement Ring Out Of A Zyn Can

zyn proposal

Proposal seazyn.

When it comes to proposing, it’s a significant moment for both parties involved. And while some girls want to be involved with all the details of their proposal, others want to be completely surprised. It can be hard to keep a ring box hidden, though, and most men are smart enough not to put a ring in their pocket loosely.

So, what is one way to keep it a secret without potentially losing the ring? Put it in a Zyn can.

A couple is going viral right now for a girl’s now fiance’s preferred method of concealing the ring. And while I am sure some guys are reading this blog right now thinking, “Hell yeah,” the comments section would not support that thought.

The internet is laying into this man for the Zyn appearance during such a significant moment.

“Scared she will see a ring box in your pocket? Trick her by putting the ring in your Zyns!” 

The caption reads.

Not only does this man hide the ring in the Zyn can, which I can’t lie would make me rethink saying yes, but he does not even put it on his woman’s finger—two strikes in my book.

@darby_davis Scared she will see a ring box in your pocket???? Trick her by putting the ring in your zyns!! #proposal #zyn ♬ original sound – Darby Davis

Naturally, after watching this, I ran to the comments section, and the internet roasted him. Along with the good roast session, there are some incredible Zyn jokes.

“I’d sue.”

“Lawsuit immediately.”

“Honeymoon in Zynbabwe.”

“Idk, it is a good way to hide the ring.”

“I’m jumping into that pool and drowning, absolutely not.”

“Dawg, now what made him think that was a good idea.”

“Officially locked Zyn.”

“The answer is no.”

“I mean happy for you, though.”

Ladies, what are you answering if your man went down on one knee and did this?

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