Wyatt Flores Surprises Calf Fry Crowd For “Long Hot Summer Day” Cover With Shane Smith & The Saints And Red Clay Strays

Wyatt Flores Shane Smith Red Clay Strays
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Some of the hottest artists in country music sharing the stage.

Over the weekend, Stillwater, Oklahoma’s annual music festival, Calf Fry, took place. As an Oklahoma State alum, the weekend at Tumbleweed Dance Hall is one of my favorites.

This year’s stacked lineup featured Flatland Cavalry, Shane Smith & The Saints,  Red Clay Strays, Treaty Oak Revival, and more.

On the final night of the festival, when Shane Smith & the Saints graced the outdoor stage for their headlining set, they brought out their support for the night, Red Clay Strays, and a friend who wasn’t on the show bill: Wyatt Flores.

After seeing this, a wave of envy filled me for those in the crowd. When he’s not on the road or in Nashville, Flores is often seen around town in Stillwater, visiting his old stomping grounds of The Salty Bronc, where he kickstarted his career.

To close out the night, the Flores joined the other men on stage for a cover of John Hartford’s “Long Hot Summer Day,” of course also recorded by Oklahoma’s own Turnpike Troubadours. Talk about a helluva way to close out the show.

Shane Smith led the group, delivering the verse before the rest of the men stepped up to the microphone to help out with the chorus. Hearing all of these guys through the speaker is magical. The amount of talent that was standing on that stage for this is out of this world.

I wasn’t sure how “Long Hot Summer Day” could get better after Red Clay Strays joined Turnpike Troubadours for it during a recent show, but this honestly might top that moment. The only thing that could make this better is if Evan Felker himself was on the stage as well.

Too bad it looks like they aren’t having an ounce of fun during this cover.

Check out the whole performance here.

@captainflounder Shane Smith and the Saints performs Turnpike Troubadors “Long Hot Summer Day” at Calf Fry Festival 2024 with The Red Clay Strays and Wyatt Flores #redclaystrays #wyattflores #shanesmithandthesaints ♬ original sound – Captain Flounder

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