Tom Brady Rips The NFL For Spending $20 Million On Deflategate Investigation At Netflix Roast

Tom Brady Roast

What did any of us do to deserve such a good Tom Brady roast? Netflix streamed the event live late into Sunday night, and it was just about as entertaining as any NFL game. Between Bill Belichick and Brady bickering about their role in the Patriots’ dynasty, Robert Kraft and Belichick ripping a shot, Kim Kardashian getting blasted and booed, and Julian Edelman talking about how hung the late Aaron Hernandez was, the roast had a little bit of everything.

Once of the better moments from Brady himself was when he addressed the Deflategate saga. You know, the completely overblown BS reason behind his four-game suspension during the 2016 season, after which he returned to scorch the football world with an 11-1 starting record, and orchestrated the greatest comeback in football history against the Atlanta Falcons in the Super Bowl. Maybe we should be thanking Roger Goodell for pissing Brady off so much that he couldn’t help but destroy anyone in his path with more prejudice than usual.

Please behold what Brady had to say about the whole fiasco orchestrated by the league office that turned out to be a total nothing burger.

It’s just awesome to see how candid Brady can be. I hope he carries this over to the FOX broadcast booth when he’s calling games this coming season. We’re going to see a hell of a lot of Brady in the coming years. Whether it’s getting some sort of ownership stake in the Las Vegas Raiders, providing incisive analysis in real time during the biggest showdowns in the NFL and in the Super Bowl, or contributing in myriad other ways, TB12 ain’t going nowhere.

…Will he come back, though? I would really love to see Brady on the field for one last ride. Doesn’t really matter where it is, but the Raiders would be a convenient, appealing destination and would give Vegas some serious juice to say the least. Brady even recently floated the idea of coming out of retirement.

Regardless of precisely what he does with his future, Brady has earned even more widespread respect from this Netflix roast by taking the piss out of himself and being super candid. The guy could be stiff as a board at the podium and during his weekly radio segments in New England. Never revealed too much about himself or what he was really thinking. This was a refreshing change-up, and if it’s a sign of things to come, please Tom, more of this!

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