Swifties Freak Out As Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce Danced To “Love Story” During Super Bowl Afterparty

Taylor Swift Travis Kelce

Yeah, I don’t think we can deny that they’re America’s couple at this point…

The Kansas City Chiefs won yet another Super Bowl last night, proving once and for all that this dynasty is here to stay.

Granted, it’s possible they only won because Dre Greenlaw hurt himself running onto the field and because some 49ers players apparently didn’t know the new overtime rules, but none of that takes away the clutch play of Pat Mahomes, Mecole Hardman, and Travis Kelce.

Although he didn’t score a touchdown, Kelce was his usual dominant self, going for 9 catches and 93 yards, including a huge 22 yard catch and run on 3rd & 7 with just seconds remaining in the 4th quarter to get them in field goal range to force overtime.

When it was all said and done and the streamers were shooting down, he found Taylor Swift on the field and the two shared a big moment together, which naturally sent Swifties everywhere into an absolute frenzy.

That was just the start of what I’m sure was a wild night of celebration and some footage of Travis and Taylor dancing at an afterparty is making its way online and again is making Taylor Swift fans go bananas.

The two were seen dancing to a remixed version of Taylor’s smash hit “Love Story” which was released on her 2008 Fearless album and man are people freaking out about it.

As much as I’d love to be a hater, I just can’t. I’ve always been a Taylor Swift fan and they do seem actually happy from the little parts of their life that we get to see. Can you imagine if they do get married and release a version of them singing this together? I’m pretty sure the entire internet would absolutely meltdown…

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