‘Superman’ Director James Gunn Reveals First Look At David Corenswet In The Man Of Steel Suit (With Red Trunks!)

James Gunn

Filming for Superman began back on Leap Day, and imagining David Corenswet in the iconic suit was limited to probably-doctored “set photos” or photoshop mock-ups. Welp. That all changed on Monday, as writer-director James Gunn gave us the first look at Corenswet putting on some red Supes boots and a Kryptonian fit that looks a little worse for wear.

Nice to know that the newly formed DC Studios and Warner Bros. are feeling good about the progress of the project, and what a moment for Corenswet. He’s literally Clark Kent/Superman ripped straight out of the comic books. He’s also 6-foot-4, so he’s quite an imposing presence for any adversary he goes up against.

And do my eyes deceive me, or do I see those external red trunk underoos!? LET’S GO! That’s the biggest takeaway here by far.

Another interesting part about this superhero suit reveal is actually whatever the hell is going on behind Corenswet’s Superman. What is that oddly colored beam of light in the background? Some sort of giant orb type deal. Doesn’t look great! I hope Corenswet’s Clark is gearing up to go address that situation.

Superman will mark the first solo outing for the eponymous character since Man of Steel all the way back in 2013, hard as that is to believe. A dozen or so years between Superman flicks is far too many. Henry Cavill really should’ve gotten more to do in the role, but hey, Warner Bros. had too many creative cooks in the kitchen at the time and tried to rush a cinematic universe to compete with Marvel Studios. Didn’t work out so well.

Now, they’ve tasked Gunn and Peter Safran to co-run DC Studios similar to the way Kevin Feige operates at Marvel. Except Gunn is an actual writer-director who’s juggling a 10-year plan for the new DC Universe, trying to stick the landing for a Superman reboot, and is shooting Peacemaker Season 2 with John Cena.

Does Gunn ever sleep? I have my doubts. He did very well at Marvel with the Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy, so there’s a track record of success that bodes well for this latest blockbuster.

For all the pressure that Corenswet has in getting his big break as Superman, the new movie has a loaded ensemble cast, headlined by Rachel Brosnahan as Lois Lane and Nicholas Hoult as main villain Lex Luthor. I think I’m almost more eager for our first look at Hoult than anyone else. You can only reimagine the Superman getup so many ways. Whether it’s been Gene Hackman, Michael Rosenbaum, or Jesse Eisenberg, Lex has been adapted in such wildly different ways in the most notable live-action translations on TV and film. Hoult is an excellent actor who should be a formidable antagonist to this new Last Son of Krypton.

July 11, 2025, is a long wait for Superman. Something tells me it’ll be well worth it — and not only because of the red trunks, but they definitely help the cause.

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