Kid Rock Drops A “Deez Nuts” Joke On Fans At The Kentucky Derby

Kid Rock

Got ’em.

Kid Rock may be a 53-year old grandpa, but ol’ Bob Ritchie is clearly still a child at heart.

Oh, and another thing about him is that he doesn’t care what anybody thinks about him.

The Kid was at the 150th Kentucky Derby this weekend, and he apparently had himself quite a time.

Ahead of the race, Kid Rock attended the annual Barnstable Brown Gala was held on Friday night, an exclusive invite-only event at the home of Patricia Barnstable Brown, who started a foundation at the University of Louisville School of Medicine to fund diabetes research.

The event raises millions of dollars for the foundation and medical center, and brings out the A-list celebrities ahead of the spectacle of the Derby.

Kid RockTravis Tritt and rapper/record producer Doug E. Fresh took to the stage to deliver a funky performance of Kid Rock’s 2007 hit “All Summer Long,” with Doug E. Fresh beatboxing alongside Kid Rock’s vocals, and Tritt burning it down on the guitar.

And not gonna lie, it was pretty badass.

Kid Rock was also spotted by fans at the Derby who were excited to see the American Badass up close in person. And Kid Rock didn’t disappoint…by roasting them with a “deez nuts” joke.

The fans were gathered outside of Kid Rock’s car as he was loading up after the race, asking him if he had won any money, when Kid stopped to chat:

“Did you guys see those? Yeah they were both supposed to be here.”

And he hit ’em with the punchline when they all asked who he was talking about:

“Deez nuts motherf*cker.”

The group loved it, with one guy even bragging that he “just got roasted by Kid Rock.” And just look at the smile on Mr. Rock’s face after he drops the punchline. Find you somebody who makes you as happy as “deez nuts” jokes make Kid Rock.

Still doing “deez nuts” jokes in 2024? Kid Rock truly does whatever he wants.

@joy.of.everything A Kid Rock fan gets roasted by Kid Rock himself as he’s exiting the 150th Kentucky Derby. The lucky fan says it’s the highlight of his life. #kentuckyderby #kidrock #derby #hilarious #viral #fyp ♬ Cowboy – Kid Rock

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