Taylor Swift Looked Like She Wanted To Run & Hide Before Jackson Mahomes Went In For A Hug

Taylor Swift and Jackson Mahomes

Well, the Taylor Swift cutaways during NFL games are officially over.

Unfortunately, that also means that the NFL season is over, and football fans have to wait 205 days until the next pro football game is played (unless you are a UFL fan).

Isn’t it funny that Taylor Swift jumped on the Kansas City Chiefs bandwagon this season and she’s already experienced a Super Bowl victory?

I’m a Minnesota Vikings fan and I’ve only gotten to witness a couple of postseason wins in my lifetime. Swift picked a team because her boyfriend Travis Kelce played for them and got to be a part of a Super Bowl win in a matter of months.

The former country music star enjoyed the roller coaster season, and was happy to cheer her football-playing-boyfriend from stadium suites all across the country.

Swift was definitely enjoying the Super Bowl victory, and shared this kiss with Kelce as the red and yellow confetti fell in Las Vegas:

The love is REAL. How sweet…

Shortly before that, Swift was trying to make her way to Travis Kelce with “Mama Kelce.” While they made their way onto the field, Taylor ran into Jackson Mahomes, who went in for a celebratory hug.

For those that don’t know, Patrick Mahomes’ brother Jackson was recently hit with three felony sexual battery and assault charges. Though they have since been dropped, “Swifties” haven’t been excited that the pop star has been in close proximity to him.

So when Jackson went in for the hug, Taylor Swift politely obliged, but social media users couldn’t help but notice that she got the hell out of there right after it happened.

Take a look:

That quick hug and run was warranted. Definitely a “Getaway Car” moment for Taylor Swift. As everyone on social media noticed:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock