Philly To The Core: Kylie Kelce Was Yet Again Not Wearing Any Chiefs Gear At The Super Bowl

Jason and Kylie Kelce

Philly sports or nothing.

When the Kelce documentary came out last year it thrust Jason and Travis into a whole new level of fame, which certainly says something considering they’re both considered one of the greatest to ever play their position in NFL history, but one of the more interesting and unexpected results of that was the love that Jason’s wife Kylie got.

Her appearances on their podcast New Heights almost always go viral, especially when she tells a story like how Jason proposed to her after pretending to take a dump or how he blacked out and fell asleep at the bar the first time they met, I mean a woman who can get through that is certainly one we all should be listening to.

After the Eagles lost in the first round of the playoffs to the Buccaneers, Jason and Kylie have been at every single Chiefs game cheering on Travis as Kansas City made their march to the Super Bowl. While Jason had no qualms about donning all sorts of Chiefs gear, Kylie took a stand that is nothing short of admirable.

Kylie Kelce absolutely refused to wear anything Chiefs for the entire playoffs (she did wear red, though). While I’m sure most people would be able to forgive her considering the huge cultural wave that followed Taylor Swift starting to attend the games, Kylie stuck to her guns and backed up what she said during the Kelce documentary:

“I am like an Eagles fan to the extent of, like, if Jason ever went and played for another team, I would wear Kelce, I would not wear another team’s stuff.”

If she wouldn’t wear a team other than Philly if her husband was playing for them, then there was no shot she’d do it for her brother-in-law.

Instead, she wore a Cincinnati Bearcats shirt in honor of where Travis went to college.

Absolutely love it.

Big shoutout to Kylie Kelce. I’m sure dealing with a hungover Jason isn’t great but I bet she’s handling it with some tough love and grace, as she’s been known to do.

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