“You Know You Live In Florida” – Three Cranes Act As Crossing Guards For Baby Alligator Crossing The Street

Cranes escort gator

You certainly don’t see this everyday.

Then again, maybe you do when you live in Florida. If there was any state where cranes teaming up to boss around an alligator would be normal or expected, it would be the Sunshine State. I’ve never seen birds be so in charge before, especially when dealing with a somewhat dangerous reptile.

The footage shows three Sandhill cranes seemingly escorting a baby alligator across the road. Why were they doing so? My bet is that they were trying to guide the small gator away from something important of theirs. That important thing could have been as simple as the place they call home, or as crucial as a nest that the reptile was trying to bother.

Regardless of what it was, the small alligator wasn’t getting anywhere near it with these cranes at work. They were in control the entire time, and made sure the baby gator only went where they wanted it to go. The person filming the whole thing provided the perfect commentary for the situation by saying:

“You know you live in Florida when the cranes are chasing an alligator across the street.”


It sounded like there was an entire family in the car trying to figure out what exactly the cranes were doing with this alligator. Social media was also trying to understand what was playing out in the clip, but one person summed it best by saying “Florida is always going to Florida.” Check it out:

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