Philadelphia Eagles Center Jason Kelce Proposed To His Wife Kylie After Pretending To Take A Sh*t

Jason Kelce
Kylie Kelce

This is pure romance, fellas.

Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce stole the show at this weekend’s matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs the Buffalo Bills, with a shirtless Jason in Highmark Stadium to cheer on his brother, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, in the NFL’s divisional round playoffs.

The Eagles center won over the hearts of America, but on a recent episode of their New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce podcast recently, the Kelce brothers were joined by Jason’s wife Kylie, who revealed the hilarious story of how he won her heart – and how NOT romantic Jason really is.

Kylie put Jason on blast while telling the hilarious story about how he asked her to marry him – and it involved taking a sh*t, or at least pretending to.

Apparently at one point Jason had plans to propose to Kylie by singing her a song, but instead decided to go a…different route.

According to Kylie, they were at her parent’s house and were in the car getting ready to leave when Jason needed an excuse to go back inside to ask her father’s permission to marry his daughter.

And the only excuse he could come up with was that he needed to go to the bathroom.

Jason says that he wanted to get it done before training camp, and had to come up with a plan on the spot:

“I couldn’t figure out how to inconspicuously go back into the house, because if I went in there and I was like, ‘Hey I gotta go talk to your dad for a second’ it would have been very odd of me to say that.

So when we got in the car I said, ‘Man, Ky, I’m sorry, but I gotta take a sh*t right now.'”

And Kylie says that she told him to get it done now so they didn’t have to turn around once they were on the road after already loading the dog in the car:

“I was like, ‘Great, go in because we’re not turning back around.’ Because at this point we were visiting my parents, we lived 30 minutes away from where they lived, and we had already gotten the dog in the car. We were committed. We were leaving.”

But when Jason was in and out of the house too quick, Kylie knew something was up:

“I said to him, ‘Jason, go back in there and go to the bathroom. I know you didn’t just go in there and take a sh*t. It usually takes you 20 minutes. That was not long enough, and we are not turning around.'”

That’s when Jason popped the question – right there in her parent’s driveway after pretending to take a dump:

“Then he said, ‘This is not the romantic way to do this, but can you get out of the truck?'”

Hey, it’s not crazy if it works. And it clearly worked, because the couple have now been married since 2018 and have three beautiful daughters.

And it all started with Jason pretending to have to poop:

“The whole sh*t thing was just a ploy.”

Who says romance is dead?

And if a proposal is on the horizon for Jason’s brother Travis and his girlfriend Taylor Swift, maybe big brother can give him some pointers on how to do it…

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