Uber Eats Edits Super Bowl Commercial Over Backlash From Peanut Allergy Scene

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Uber Eats

Who’s ready for some Super Bowl commercials?

Personally, the advertisements are often my favorite part of the “Big Game,” and I say that as a rabid NFL football fan. I usually even have a rule at my Super Bowl parties that you can talk all you want during the game, but everyone in attendance has to shut the hell up during commercials.

In recent years, the Super Bowl ads have pivoted from trying to be funny to being more emotionally driven, and I don’t know about you, but I’m not a huge fan of that. Though a Taylor Swift themed commercial coming out during the “Big Game” is sure to get the tears flowing in some households.

That’s another thing about modern day Super Bowl ads – they don’t actually come out during the Super Bowl anymore. Instead, companies release teasers leading up to the “Big Game,” and some even just release their ads beforehand to try and expand on the commercial’s exposure.

For Uber Eats, releasing their advertisement earlier actually might have saved them some trouble. They opted to go for a star studded commercial that features a mini ‘Friends’ reunion, and even has a cameo from rapper-turned-country-star Jelly Roll.

The premise of the commercial is that Uber Eats does so many things other than food delivery, you have to forget something in order to remember how great the service is. Most of that leads to very funny situations, like Jelly Roll forgetting he has face tattoos, or Jennifer Anniston forgetting she knew her Friends co-star David Schwimmer.

Those parts of the ad actually land rather humorously, but another example that they included in the commercial actually has a lot of people up in arms. One of the shorter examples of Uber Eats induced “forgetfulness” is a man who has a peanut allergy eating peanut butter.

You probably already know where this is going. People online got upset that the company was making light of those who suffer from peanut allergies, and basically forced Uber Eats to make last second changes to their advertisement and omit the peanut butter allergy joke that was featured.

So when you see this advertisement below during the “Big Game,” you won’t be seeing it with the peanut butter allergy parts:

Some have said that editing the commercial shows how “sensitive” the culture we live in today is, while others have stated that it was only right to take out the portion that made fun of those with peanut allergies:

The ad was released this morning without the peanut butter scene:

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