Jelly Roll Experiences The Ultimate Sunday Scaries In New Uber Eats Super Bowl Commercial

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Uber Eats

Just like The Hangover

Jelly Roll’s fame is unlocking a whole new realm of opportunities for him outside of country music. The Grammy-nominated artist and CMA New Artist of the Year is going commercial…. literally.

As the new face of Uber Eats for this upcoming Super Bowl, Jelly Roll is experiencing the Sunday Scaries, but in an extreme way.

The commercial opens up with a bag of groceries delivered from Uber Eats, and Jelly Roll is putting away his goods in his bathroom. As he puts a fresh bottle of toothpaste on the shelf and closes the medicine cabinet, he is in shock, looking back in the mirror.

Jelly Roll is met with his face full of tattoos, which we know as the Jelly Roll signature look.

“What happened to my face? Are these tattoos? They are everywhere! And they are horrible.” 

He says in a panicked voice as he touches his tattooed face.

Jelly Roll is always down to joke around, and having him as the face of this commercial is a marketing genius. Everyone knows those iconic face tattoos, country music fan or not.

Give this man an Oscar for his performance.


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Jelly Roll does it better than Stu from The Hangover II. 

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