‘Friends’ Stars Jennifer Anniston & David Schwimmer Reunite For Uber Eats Super Bowl Ad

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Uber Eats

Remember when you saw Super Bowl advertisements for the very first time during the Super Bowl?

Nowadays, the commercials you see during the “Big Game” are basically reruns, as a lot of companies release their ad spots in the weeks leading up to the game instead of waiting for the game itself. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Getting sneak peaks or teasers can be fun for viewers, and give them something to look forward to during the Super Bowl. But if you’re looking forward to the Super Bowl strictly for the commercials… you can watch most of them before Super Bowl Sunday.

We recently found out that rapper-turned-country-star Jelly Roll would be featured in this same advertisement for Uber Eats when he shared a clip of himself shocked by his face tattoos as he looked into the mirror saying:

“Did someone doodle on my face? It’s not coming off!”

And now, with the release of the full advertisement, we know how Jelly Roll fits into the situation, and why he was taken back by his face tattoos.

Ubers Eats put together this star-studded commercial, and the premise of it is quite simple. Jennifer Anniston lays out the rules for the ad in the first couple of seconds, saying that in order to remember all of the things Uber Eats can do, you have to forget something else:

“You know what they say? In order to remember something, you’ve got to forget something else. Make a little room.”

That line blossoms into a number of different scenarios where people are forgetting important things, like Jelly Roll forgetting that he had tattoos on his face.

But the big payoff is when a Friends reunion takes place on screen, and David Schwimmer (who played Ross) walks up to Jennifer Anniston (who played Rachel) to catch up. However, when Schwimmer approaches and goes in for a hug, Anniston acts like she can’t remember who he is (because she had to make room to remember that Uber Eats delivers more than just food).

“Ross” tries to remind “Rachel” that they had worked together for 10 years, but that doesn’t ring a bell for her. Anniston then walks off saying she would have remembered 10 years of her life, while Schwimmer disappointedly states that he “hates this town.”

The bit was great, and marked the first time that the two Friends co-stars had shared the screen together since the Friends reunion special in 2021. Schwimmer told USA Today that the advertisement felt right:

“It’s the first time Jen and I have officially been on camera together, speaking dialogue, in many years. It was really natural. It was like throwing on a comfortable, warn-in jacket.”

I’m more careful with any idea (involving ‘Friends’). It’s been floated before; the cast being in commercials together or doing other things and we’ve always been really careful about and really cautious as a cast of ever appearing in a way that might detract in some way.”

I would have loved a “we were on a break” reference, but I’ll settle with just seeing the two stars back together again. Take a look:

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