Luxury $2.5 Million Super Bowl Suites To Serve Surf & Turf Nachos, Wagyu Loaded Hot Dogs & Donut Super Bowl Sundaes

Super Bowl
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Fans attending the Super Bowl in luxury suites will experience some “Super” culinary options.

If you happen to have an extra $2.5 million laying around, you could reserve one of Allegiant Stadium’s exorbitantly priced suites for the Super Bowl this weekend.

The Super Bowl, which will feature a matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers, is being held in Las Vegas in the stadium that the Raiders now call home.

Suites in the stadium, which are somehow pricier than the on-field nightclub suite seats, are partnered with Allegiant and Levy Restaurants to provide high class dining options.

If you’re dropping more than $2 million to attend a four hour sporting event, you’d likely expect to really get “the works” with the suite.

And it looks like Allegiant Stadium is doing their best to make the investment worth while. Along with a full service bar inside each suite, those attending the “Big Game” will have quite the spread to pick and choose from:

-Souvenir popcorn

-Bacon-wrapped hot dogs

-BBQ Burnt End Burritos

-Carne Asada Fries

-Seafood stuffed potato

-Surf and turf nachos

-Wagyu beef hotdog

-Frozen cheesecake

-Glazed Donut Super Bowl Sundae

All of those sound phenomenal right? Well, I’m happy to inform you that the food options look just as good as they sound. Take a look at the video showcasing all the suites have to offer below:

You might as well “go big or go home” if you are going to the Super Bowl right?

Football fans attending the “Big Game” will be paying an arm and a leg to get in anyways, even if they aren’t treated like kings and queens in the suites.

The good news is that those who won’t be seated in the multi-million-dollar suites will still be able to take advantage of Allegiant Stadium’s $2.99 nachos, hot dogs, and sodas at the traditional concession stands.

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