Kobe Bryant Statue Unveiled Outside Of Los Angeles Lakers’ Arena

Kobe Bryant statue Lakers
Los Angeles Lakers

Paying tribute to a legend.

The Los Angeles Lakers chose to unveil the statue for their late-great champion Kobe Bryant today, on 2-8-24, a nod to the two numbers he sported.

Kobe Bryant played his entire career for the Lakers, spanning 20 years and five NBA championships. The “Black Mamba” embodied what it meant to be a Laker, and there was never a doubt that he would one day get a statue in his honor.

Obviously, the celebratory day has a dark cloud hanging over it, with Kobe Bryant not being there for the ceremony dedicated to his NBA career.

It’s now just over four years since Bryant and his daughter Gianna passed away in a tragic helicopter crash, which also claimed the lives of seven others.

His tragic passing is what made the moment of his statue dedication that much more emotional, and the NBA on TNT crew did their best to match the moment with this tribute that aired shortly beforehand:

There were many esteemed speakers and Laker greats at the statue reveal, with many former players and coaches taking time to speak about Kobe’s legacy.

Bryant’s widow Vanessa got up to speak and conveyed a strong sense of loss with her words, though she was honored that her husband was being recognized with the statue, of which she explained:

“Kobe picked the pose you are about to see, so if anyone has any issues with it, tough shit.”

Vanessa went in to explain that there will be three separate statutes erected around “the house that Kobe built” in honor of Bryant:

-One with Kobe wearing his number 8 jersey

-One with Kobe wearing his number 24 jersey

-One of Kobe standing with his daughter, Gianna “GiGi” Bryant

Just before the first statue was unveiled (which is the one of him in his number 8 jersey), Vanessa concluded by leaving the audience with a quote from her late husband:

“Leave the game better than you found it, and when it comes time for you to leave, leave a legend.”

Kobe Bryant certainly did that, and if it wasn’t already official, it certainly is now with the statue that will forever stand outside of the Los Angeles Lakers arena:

For those that don’t recognize the moment that the statue captures, that pose is the one that Kobe struck as he exited the floor after his famous 81-point game:

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