Baby Bunny Escapes House Cat Only To Be Immediately Snatched Up By An Owl

Owl snatches up rabbit
Viral Hog

Predator birds are creatures of opportunity. While they’re fully capable of taking out prey on their own, they tend to wait until a helpless one finds itself separated from the pack to strike, and when they strike, they rarely miss.

After seeing the wild video of a hawk snatching a duckling that was just released by a kid, and a bald eagle drowning a fawn in a lake, I went on the search for more like it and found that there’s plenty to see.

House cats can sometimes look like nothing more than fluffy, lovable pets, but anyone who’s had one knows they all have a killer hidden inside them, especially if they’re let out of the house. You’re bound to come home to a bounty of mice, birds, and whatever other small creature they can sink their teeth into, just so it can show you just how tough it really is.

In this video from Brush Prairie, Washington, a cat has caught a poor baby bunny and is doing what cats are well-known to do, play with their food for absolutely no good reason other than they know they can.

This cat has this bunny absolutely terrified, at times not even holding onto him, just laying down next to him, almost begging him to try and escape. And to the bunny’s credit, when an opportunity to get out of there shows itself, he takes it and starts darting from the porch across the yard to what he believes is safety. Unfortunately for the rabbit, the cat goes to right back on the hunt, but the hunt doesn’t go very far when the cat unknowingly gave him over to an even more vicious predator lurking in the shadows.

As the rabbit is scurrying through the yard, an ever-wise owl makes his move, swooping down from a perch in the trees and snags it, flying it off to his nest for an early dinner and a good night’s sleep.

The homeowner, who apparently goes out on the porch to clip his fingernails (can’t you do it in the bathroom like a civilized person?), details the unfortunate scene:

“I was out on the back porch clipping my fingernails when I saw the cat proudly walk up with the poor bunny in its mouth so I decided to film and see what happens. What happened next I couldn’t believe and is probably one of the best things I have videoed.

The cat jumps up on the porch with bunny in mouth and sets the bunny down. Then the bunny escapes the cat off, jumps off the porch out into the grass and the cat gives chase. Unexpectedly, an owl comes shooting down from the trees and picks up the bunny while the cat watches his dinner fly away.”

These birds are truly incredible and it’s been making me keep a much closer eyes on the trees these days, you just never known if there’s something out there watching you…

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