Patrick Mahomes Sets The Record Straight On His Six-Pack: “It’s Just Under The Dad Bod”

Patrick Mahomes without a shirt
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Same, Patrick, same.

Patrick Mahomes is undeniably one of the greatest athletes in the world right now. The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback has led his team to four Super Bowls in the past five years thanks to not only his arm, but also his ability to read defenses and run the ball himself when he needs to.

But recently, Mahomes took some strays online after a shirtless photo of him started going viral, with many commenting on the quarterback’s “dad bod.”

Of course Mahomes wasn’t too happy with his dad bod going viral, joking about Inside the NFL showing off his finely tuned physique:

So you just knew that the subject was going to come up during Super Bowl media day.

Well sure enough, Mahomes was asked yesterday about his dad bod, and whether he would rather win another Super Bowl or have six-pack abs. And the QB was a good sport about it, giving an answer that all dads can relate to:

“Another Super Bowl for sure. I have a six pack, it’s just under the dad bod.

If you feel, there might be some skin there, but then underneath that the six pack’s there. You just gotta get real close. You gotta squint a little bit and I think you’ll see it.”

Amen, Patrick. It’s what’s under the dad bod that really counts anyway.

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