Patrick Mahomes’ Dad Bod Goes Viral, Proving Once Again What Peak Performance Looks Like

Patrick Mahomes without a shirt
CW Sports

Embracing the dad bod.

Dad bods have taken the world by storm. The slightly fluffier physique is one that people (i.e., women) are feared for or not a fan of. With magazines writing full-blown articles about who has the best dad bods, it’s no secret that it’s a cultural phenomenon. We, Whiskey Riff, have even gotten in on the action listing the best dad bods in country music… but now it’s time to turn to the NFL dad bods.

Jason Kelce might be given a run for his money after a picture of Patrick Mahomes from the latest episode of Inside The NFL goes viral.

During the episode, they relive the big fourth-quarter play during the AFC Championship game, where Mahomes made an insane pass to pass to Marquez Valdes-Scantling. After the Chiefs secured the win and their spot in the Super Bowl, cameras took fans into the locker room to show their celebration of the big moment.

A screenshot from the locker room scene of a shirtless Mahomes went viral after viewers saw the Kansas City Chiefs QB sporting a dad bod. I mean, he is a father to two, after all…

The internet, of course, sounded off after seeing the image, and the commentary is gold. Dad bod or not, Mahomes can move down that field and make the play happen.

While everyone has commentary about this picture, let us not forget the original dad bod picture Mahomes was rockin’ last year.

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