‘The Simpsons’ Predicted The Future Yet Again…This Time With Apple’s Vision Pro Headset

The Simpsons

We might need to start paying closer attention to the The Simpsons

The long running cartoon family sitcom (currently on its 35th season) has amassed over 760 shows to date, and in a number of those programs, they’ve managed to predict the future.

One could argue that by doing that many shows over the years, you are bound to get a couple of things right. But the stuff the show does predict is often so specific, it’s a tad concerning.

There’s an expansive list of things that The Simpsons has gotten right over the years, and I’ll touch on a few big ones before I get to the latest prediction that they absolutely nailed.

What have they scarily predicted over the years? Well, they’ve managed to get some people to assume they have a time traveler on their writing staff by calling their shot on:

-Smart watches and FaceTime

-Walt Disney and FOX’s merger

-A submarine disaster

-Ted Cruz’s fleeing to Mexico during a natural disaster

-Donald Trump becoming President (and his 2024 reelection campaign)

And that’s just really scratching the surface. I could do a 50-part series on every single thing that the animated sitcom has gotten right over the years, with the most recent example being Apple’s Vision Pro virtual reality headset.

If you thought we were all bad at communicating before thanks to our smartphones, just wait until these virtual reality headsets catch on and replace our smart devices.

Right now, Apple is probably pricing a lot of consumers out (each headset costs $3,500), but once they become more affordable, you’ll likely be out and about in the world and seeing a lot of people driving down the road like this:

Or using public transit while working on their virtual reality headset like this:

Or maybe even walking along the sidewalk with the Apple Vision Pro device on and trying to cross a busy street (which just seems incredibly dangerous):

It won’t be long until these headsets take over, and you might be asking yourself “what would a complete take over look like?”

I’m glad you asked, because The Simpsons gave us a pretty good idea of what the human race could soon be experiencing with these “virtual reality glasses” in an episode that aired in October of 2016 (almost 8 years ago).

Granted, the Oculus Rift (another virtual reality headset) came out that year, so they didn’t necessarily predict the product itself. However, with many Apple Vision Pro owners opting to use their headsets out in the real world, The Simpson did seem to predict that part of it.

Take a look:

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A beer bottle on a dock